GameMax Iceberg 120 Rainbow Liquid Cooling, 20mm Rgb Rainbow Addressable Fans With PWM Function – RGB

300 AED

ICEBERG 120 is a high performance CPU liquid cooling system, qualified for Gaming PC case with 1 Rainbow Rgb 120 mm PWM fan.

The fans are compatible with Aura Sync (Asus / Asrock), Mystic Light (MSI), RGB Fusion (Gigabyte). The 3Pin connector of the fan can be connected to the motherboard with the control interface (+ 5V 3pin header), so make sure the motherboard has the 3pin + 5V header.

If the motherboard does not have a 3pin + 5V Header, you can buy the gamemax compatible hub controller for rainbow fans.


  • 120mm rgb rainbow addressable fans with PWM function.
  • Compatible with Intel 1155/1150/1156/1151/1366/2011 sockets & AMD AM4 / AM2 / AM2 + / AM3 / AM3 + / FM1 / FM2 sockets.
  • Compatible with Asus motherboards (Aura SYNC), Gigabyte (RGB Fusion), MSI (MYSTIC Light SYNC).
  • Built-in water block LED indicator, the LED lights up when the cooling device is working properly.
  • Copper has excellent thermal conductivity compared to other metals, and the iceberg radiator 120 allows better heat transfer from the CPU.
This product will be picked up by carrier within June 29, 2022
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